Taking the Pi** - The Power of Figurative Speech - Hosted by Mike Garry

Taking the Pi** - The Power of Figurative Speech

Exploring our everyday use of metaphor, simile & Personification.


Friday 23rd July. 12 - 2pm


This workshop, hosted by famed Manchester poet Mike Garry, will be aimed at 13 - 19 year olds, who are interested in learning the power of spoken word.

FREE to sign up, with a maximum 20 spots available.

If interested, please email stamfordquarterevents@bruntwood.co.uk


About Mike Garry


Mike Garry was a librarian for 15 years before becoming a poet. His groundbreaking work with Manchester Libraries began with the development of Study Support Units or “Homework Centers” throughout Manchester’s local library network.  

The units were simply a safe space for young people to get help and support with homework with a strong emphasis on reading.  But they were much more than that and quickly became hubs for creativity, support, literacy and learning. His work with young people in inner city Manchester won him awards from the Princes’ Trust and the National Literacy Trust and along with Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole and David Beckham; 

Mike became a “Champion Reader” recognized for his work in promoting reading to young people.  His poetry career began when he started to read his poems to the hundreds of young people he worked with during study sessions.

Follow Mike at: www.twitter.com/mikegarry